Community Association Manager: Leading Communities to Thrive and Flourish

Community Association Manager: Leading Communities to Thrive and Flourish

Everyone wants to find the perfect place to live, but it's not something that's easily done.

Various neighborhood and community factors affect how nice a place is, and a homeowner's association can have a sizable impact. On their own, however, an HOA board can only do so much. A community association manager can support HOA leaders to make their neighborhood better for all residents.

Let's take a closer look at what an association manager can do to help your community thrive.

Looking After the Neighborhood

HOA boards are responsible for things like maintenance and landscaping. They need to make sure communal areas are kept in a good state by working with contractors and vendors.

Association managers have plenty of experience with this so they can take over the responsibility. They usually have good relationships which means they know exactly who to call for all kinds of work. They can often get better deals, too, which helps save community funds.

Managing Finances

HOA boards are typically made up of community leaders who volunteer for the position, so they often lack experience in some areas. One example of this is with finances and accounting. It's important to get things right here to avoid issues with community funds.

Association managers are trained to handle this properly. They can make sure everything is done correctly, and can often determine areas where funds could be spent more efficiently.

Helping Property Values

In general, property values in HOA neighborhoods hold up very well. This is due to the benefits HOAs offer which make these areas more desirable.

There are rules in place to help with this. For example, policies relating to alterations made to homes. Typically, residents can't paint their homes in bright colors as maintaining a uniform look helps support the value of all properties in the community.

Legal Assistance

Another area where HOA board members struggle is with legal components. It's uncommon for people to have a strong legal background, so board members rarely know the best practices here.

Again, association managers are trained for this. If any legal cases arise, having guidance from someone knowledgeable is incredibly valuable.

Enforcing Community Policies

The HOA board is responsible for establishing community policies. These are rules that all residents need to follow. They often relate to anything that could upset other residents such as excessive noise.

While establishing these policies isn't too difficult, enforcing them is a bit different. This is because board members often know a lot of the residents personally. They may not feel comfortable enforcing policies on people they consider friends.

Association managers don't have this issue. They won't have any biases based on personal relationships, so can enforce rules effectively. This helps keep things fair and balanced for everyone and will help ensure no one is breaking the rules.

Does Your Neighborhood Need a Community Association Manager?

HOAs can do a lot to benefit a community, but they might have a hard time keeping up. A community association manager can provide the assistance needed to help keep everything running smoothly.

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