Top 5 Benefits to Having an HOA in Lebanon, OH

Top 5 Benefits to Having an HOA in Lebanon, OH

If you've never lived in an HOA before, you might think twice before buying a home in one of these communities. Did you know that 87% of homeowners who live in community associations are happy with this arrangement?

In these communities, an elected board of volunteers oversees the daily operations of the development and implements strict rules to ensure it runs smoothly. Some people find this restrictive.

In some communities, it's not mandatory to join the homeowner's association, but it's always a good idea. Keep reading to find out why.

1. HOA Community Vibes

HOA community members don't only get together to discuss business. They also arrange a variety of community activities for residents of all ages.

These get-togethers are a fun way to get to know your neighbors and embrace community living.

2. HOA Amenities are Awesome

All HOA communities have shared areas like gardens, roads, and security features. Many have extra facilities to make life extra pleasant for community members.

These may include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness centers
  • Business centers
  • Communal BBQ areas
  • Golf courses

As long as you pay your HOA fees, you can enjoy the use of these amenities for free.

3. HOA Maintenance Is a Breeze

HOA responsibilities include the maintenance and upkeep of shared spaces. So you get to enjoy having a swimming pool onsite and only pay a portion of the upkeep costs.

You don't need to spend any of your time or money attending to the onsite facilities in an HOA. The HOA board often appoints a manager to keep track of routine maintenance and arrange repairs.

They source the best prices, oversee the contractors while they work, and arrange payment. HOA community members pay a set monthly fee for this convenience, but it's a lot cheaper and less time-consuming than managing these amenities yourself.

4. HOAs Have Rules

In Ohio, an HOA is a legally recognized entity and must comply with several laws.

All HOA members can access shared facilities, but they must use them within the rules. This preserves the value of the HOA and ensures all members have equal access to these perks.

HOA rules also dictate standards for exterior refurbishments for housing in the community. While this may seem restrictive, it means that your neighbor's poor choices don't impact the value of your home.

Unkempt, unattractive surroundings can harm your home's curb appeal, detract from its value, and negatively impact your enjoyment. Setting standards for all the homes in a community protects all the homeowners.

5. HOA Properties Retain Value

Thanks to all the above factors, homes in HOAs fetch high prices and retain their value well. Prospective buyers know the benefits of living in a well-run HOA, so there's a high demand for these homes.

Optimizing Homeowner's Association Management

Homeowners Association management companies help ensure that residents enjoy the best HOA living benefits. These experts take care of the administration, upkeep, and bookkeeping associated with running an HOA.

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