Ultimate Guide to HOA Holiday Decorating in Lebanon, Ohio

Ultimate Guide to HOA Holiday Decorating in Lebanon, Ohio

Holidays are a time to get festive by putting up all of your favorite decorations. However, it's not such a simple task when you're a part of a homeowner's association (HOA). These communities maintain their sense of beauty and cohesiveness by following the same rules throughout the neighborhood.

So how do you make sure you and your community still get plenty of enjoyment out of HOA holiday decorating?

We've got the answers for you below. Keep reading to get festive community tips that'll still keep your area looking sophisticated!

Send Reminders of HOA Rules

The first place to start is to remind everyone about the HOA's regulations on outdoor decorations. Everyone can make mistakes, especially when the excitement of the holidays comes around.

A simple reminder of accepted and prohibited outdoor decorations goes a long way in keeping the community on the same page. It can also lower the amount of HOA inspections you'll need to do.

Don't forget to include some holiday safety tips to ensure an emergency-free holiday season!

Set Clear Timelines

Another key item to include in your reminder is the timeline in which decorations are allowed. It'll make the entire HOA area look imbalanced if one home is decorated while none of the others are ready.

It's a good idea to send out an extra reminder about two weeks before the decorations need to come back down. This gives members time to plan their schedules to line up with HOA regulations.

If you're uncertain how to choose a suitable decoration timeline, hire association management services for help. They'll have the expertise to guide your HOA in coming up with a detailed plan.

Encourage Indoor Decoration Fun

While HOAs regulate outdoor decorations, most don't have any say on what goes on inside of a member's home. This allowed families to participate in their Lebanon, Ohio, traditions without the risk of fines.

Whenever a member feels upset about the limit on outdoor decorations, remind them that their home gives them free rein. It's the perfect place to let loose with their favorite traditions, decorations, and festivities.

Host Decorating Events

HOA community events are one of the best parts of being a part of an association. It brings the community together and fosters stronger relationships between neighbors.

Hosting a decorating event ensures that everyone follows the HOA guidelines for decorations. Members can share holiday decoration ideas or ask about their neighbor's participation in local celebrations. This kind of event also gives the HOA a burst of festive spirit to start the holiday season on the right foot.

Make HOA Holiday Decorating Easy With PMI Buckeye Services

Trying to juggle all of your HOA holiday decorating regulations can often take the fun out of the entire experience. This is why many HOAs turn towards association management services to take on all of the unwanted work.

At PMI Buckeye Services, we focus on making HOA tasks easy for Lebanon homeowners' associations. By taking on things like regulation enforcement, finance budgeting, and maintenance scheduling, we can help your HOA community thrive. Lower the stress of running a successful Ohio HOA by checking out our services today!