How To Prevent Community Association Board Member Fatigue

How To Prevent Community Association Board Member Fatigue
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Your Homeowners Association board members are a huge reason your community is the place you know and love.

However, board members take on a great deal of responsibility. Since board membership is often a volunteer position, your HOA board members are performing their duties in addition to their full-time jobs.

All this extra work can quickly wear your board members out and lead to fatigue.

HOA Board fatigue is a problem that many communities face.

This post will go over warning signs of Board fatigue, and some suggestions to stop fatigue before it becomes a problem.

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Warning Signs of Board Member Fatigue

HOA board fatigue occurs when board members of a condo or homeowners association become exhausted to the point where it negatively affects the quality of their work.

This can stem from too much work too often, or even lack of interest. Regardless of the cause, it has a detrimental effect on the board member’s mental health and the quality of life for community members.

Here are a few warning signs to look out for.

Poor Communication

If your board is sending out notices late, posting few or no announcements, updating your website less frequently, and taking longer to respond to concerns than usual, then you may be dealing with board fatigue.

Tasks are Neglected

Neglecting tasks, whether they are big or small, is a clear sign that your board members are experiencing fatigue. Usually, this will start with smaller tasks but can snowball into forgetting larger, more important duties, like maintenance and project management.

Poor Rule Enforcement

One of your board members’ key responsibilities is to enforce community rules. If your board members are too tired to do their duties, rule enforcement will usually take a hit. This includes a board member punishing one resident for a rule violation with a fine and another who committed the same offense with just a warning. Sometimes, fatigued members will even drop enforcement completely.

Indifference Towards the Community

Board members should be passionate and excited about their community. If your board members are fatigued, they will pay less attention to the community and their willingness to serve will decay into apathy.

How to Avoid Board Member Burnout

Board member burnout can be a serious problem if it is not addressed and solved.

But there are a few ways to avoid burnout in your board members.

Consider these tips.

Listen to Board Members’ Needs

Solving board member fatigue may be as simple as giving the board member a week off while they deal with a busy period at work. Communicate with the fatigued board member and address their problems and offer solutions.

Incorporate Awards and Recognition

Board members often feel unappreciated for all the hard work they put into the community. One of the best ways to ensure that your board members’ work is recognized is by implementing regular awards and recognition for those who go above and beyond.

Form Committees

It can be tough to tackle a task single-handedly. Teamwork is often a much better solution. Committees help board members define objectives and allow two or more members to accomplish board goals as a group. Multiple members will help keep your board on track to complete their goals.

Hire a Community Manager

Managing a community is a lot to expect from a group of volunteers. A professional staff member can be a massive help. Professional property managers can provide the resources and expertise board members need to concentrate on their duties.

Better Community Management with Property Management Inc

Board member fatigue is a serious problem. It can lead to diminishing quality of life for community members, lapse rule enforcement, a decline in community utilities, and more.

One of the best ways to stop board member fatigue in its tracks is by hiring a community manager to give your board members the help they so badly need.

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